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2Pac - Ghetto Gospel - Front (1-2)

Hit Em’ With A Little Ghetto Gospel

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Following our theme of studying the greats and taking inspiration from them, this week I want to bring 2Pac into the mix.

41Drz3JaKpLOn his track Ghetto Gospel he says his heart goes out to young people because of the stress caused by the modern world. He says ‘we left them a world that’s cursed’ and ‘it ain’t about black or white, cause we’re human, I hope we see the light before it’s ruined’. He ends his final verse with ‘Before we find world peace, We gotta find peace and end the war on the streets’.

The reason I’m so passionate about young people in particular is that if we can empower the next generation while they are young, every generation that comes after will be a product of that. So when 2Pac makes reference to us leaving a cursed world to the younger generation I agree in a sense but I have total belief in our ability to change things.

As for the other bits that I have quoted, the thing that sticks out in my mind as being a key part of the solution in our community is communication. That’s what gets cut off when people, even within our own community, separate themselves from each other. Whether it’s a war on the street or a world war, its the exact same thing, two points of view, each one trying to change the others mind, through violence.

The tragedy is that by the time a situation has turned violent, it’s too late, because there’s then no room for communication, and communication is the only real solution. All ‘wars’ whether it’s between husband and wife in an argument, brother and sister, gang X and gang Y, country A and country B, what goes wrong in every case is the parties abandon the communication process, basically they stop talking, worse yet, they stop listening.

As human beings we typically fear what we don’t understand, and if we ain’t talking and listening to each other fully, we never will understand. So we need to learn the art of skilful communication.

How Do You Learn Communication Skills?
resThis week my spiritual mentor Bro Ishmael and my book writing coach Raymond Aaron flew into London. I spent the whole day with Raymond on his course ‘Communication, Money & You’ which I found amazing and full of information.

He proved with many illustrations that a persons income had a direct relationship with how they communicate. He was able to prove that one of the problems was that most of us have learnt bad communication habits and raymond-250wneed to form new ones. How do I know? because on day 2 he had me communicate with all the students, and right there as I spoke I made errors that had been pointed out just the day before.

It’s day 2 now and I am planning to ask if he will allow me to share some of the material with you.

Send me an email if you would like me to share some of the nuggets learnt on this £1,000 course. After leaving Raymond I had to dash over to meet Bro Ishmael, returning home after being out for a total of 15 hours.

New Webinars?
I am thinking of holding webinars with these kinds of people which you will be able to attend and hear directly from them. Send me an email back if you like this idea so I can gauge the level of interest in our community. These successful people really do think differently to most.

Not Long Till The Business Show
b-startup-logoExactly three weeks from now (as I write) we will have completed the 1st day exhibiting at The Business Show at the ExCel centre.

I wrote a short article recently on how ‘Money is the last thing you need when thinking of starting a business’, which the organisers have published on their blog.

You can read the article on their blog here

Nathaniel’s Corner
Nathaniel my intern has come across a video interview with Puffy which he found very interesting. He felt it would be of benefit to you as it holds many of the lessons we teach.

Check it out:


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