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Does Rick Ross Know Something You Don’t?

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So a couple of days ago at Urban Voice we were diligently working away as we always do. One of our inner circle mentioned that he’d been banging the new Rick Ross album and that there were some clues in it that suggest Ross may well be using some of the success principles we teach.

You’ll have to listen to the album yourself and see if you’re on the right wavelength to pick up on them but I’ll give you the first one.

The album itself is called ‘Mastermind’. On the surface you might think he named it that as a shortened version of ‘Criminal Mastermind’. If you go deeper and understand the word mastermind like I do, you see the clue to the success principle.

In Napoleon Hill’s classic book ‘Think and Grow Rich’, the principle of the mastermind is described in detail. He basically describes it as the close working relationship of a group of people who work towards the same goal.

The collection of all their minds creates one big ‘mastermind’ which is more powerful than the individual minds added together.

So why did he bring this to my attention? Because HE is a member of MY mastermind. That’s what mastermind members do. They share ideas, trade secrets and money making strategies as often as possible, so everyone benefits.

I don’t know at what age Rick Ross first read Think and Grow Rich but I do know that the earlier we get our young people into the mindset of success, the more fulfilling their lives will be.

So earlier this month Nathaniel (my interm) arranged for me to speak with a group of 100 students at his college SFX.

Here’s a teaser:

Yesterday, another member of my mastermind passed me a copy of the ‘Voice of Small Business’ report recently published by the Federation of Small Businesses.

In it I read:
“Access to skilled staff was cited as the third biggest barrier a business experiences when trying to grow.”

I also read in the first few pages that in the last 12 months businesses have both increased the number of full and part time staff and 70% of business have increased wages in the last 12 months.

What does that mean?
It means that there’s no shortage of opportunity. That’s not the problem, the problem is a lack of relevant skills, and THAT is the problem I’ve been working to solve for over 10 years with Urban Voice and my other projects.

In fact, here’s another opportunity, if you are interested in making £50 – £75+ per day working as part of our team at the upcoming Business Show we are looking for 6 people to recruit. Email me back if you’re interested.

The fact that employers are looking for staff with up to date skills is why I recommend attending Raymond Aaron exclusive seminar – “Communication, Money and YOU” on the 23rd and 24th April. If you have not yet got your ticket send an email. It’s not too late.

Here’s the link to watch Raymond’s video:

This research also makes me even more eager to conduct my FREE seminar at the upcoming Business Show at ExCel.

Tickets are going fast so reserve your place now by clicking here.

Our stand number is (2357) at the Business show, it would be great to see you as well as say hi. You can also get to meet some of the GPS students and find out why you should join our Members Mastermind Club.

Watch your inbox for my next email. I’ll pick out some more important bits of information from this research that can help guide you towards your own success.

Tony Biola

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