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Pharrell’s tune “HAPPY” is my tune of the month as we experience some sunny days.

This month The Grow Pesrsonal Success programe got underway and I’d like to share an amazing story with you of one of the students. (having sought permission) But 1st…..

Urban Voice Ambassador meets with Peter Jones
ProjectYourTalent 4Business winner Anurah is set to meet with former Dragon from the Dragons Den, Peter Jones later this month.

Anurah who currently attends the Peter Jones College in Victoria London has successfully beat 100′s of students from all over the country. He is now part of 7 finalists who will meet and pitch thier business idea to Peter Jones who will decide who wins th prize of £5,000 towards their business.


Anurah with his PROJECTyourTALENT 4 Business Trophy

Back to GPS, after my talk at last months Business Show, I was approached by a number of people one of them was a mother who said she felt her 15 year old daughter could possibly benefit from The GPS programe. I agreed to the usual free consultation meeting (which is usually held over skype) However on this occassion a physical meeting was requested. The mother and her daughter drove from Tunbridge Wells (over 50 miles) to meet-up to see if we connected. We did and she became the youngest person to come on to the GPS program. Why I share this story in particular is that her mother confessed to me after the 1st session that her daughter was now on course (it was a Thursday with only 1 more day of the week remaining) to completing her 1st full week of school attendance since the beginning of the year. WOW! The school teachers and social workers have been asking whats happened to her! During the same week her english teacher told her that she had the potential to get a good grade in her English exam where her previous school said this was not possible.

Your current mind-set has got you this far, a new mind-set is required to take you further.
Empowerment Coaching & Mentoring proves yet again to be a sure way to transform your life fast.

Tony delivers talk on Success at Europes biggest Business Show

Tony delivers talk on Success at Europes biggest Business Show

The seminar at the business show: Where it all began

GPS 1-2-1 Mentoring program.
If you are looking for a transformational change drop me a line and let’s see if we can make that change happen for YOU. I have 3 places left on this intake of students. The next intake will be in 3 months time.

Join The Wake Up Movement
There are more people than ever before waking up to the fact that they are not following their authentic path to success and now want to do something about it as a way of achieving freedom. We are planning a series of events and seminars if you would like more info drop me a line.

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