About Urban Voice

About Urban Voice

Singer songwriter Tony Biola set up Urban Voice UK in February 2003 because he believed that many of the young people around him on his council estate were not tapping into their full potential.

He realised that young people just want to be successful. However, through lack of understanding many young people have a distorted view of what success is which impacts their choices and pursuits.

Tony identified how to use music and more generally creativity as a powerful tool in helping young people to tap into their passion through unique system of his own design called Grow Personal Success.

The GPS System

  1. Uses passion to explore and identify talents, gifts and abilities
  2. Introduces discipline and focus to cultivate, develop and nurture talents
  3. Projects the talent as a unique gift to the world

Today Urban Voice UK has expanded its remit of supporting young people. We simply “fast track aspiring talent” of any description, supporting them as they Grow Personal Success (GPS).

Urban Voice now boasts students who have gone on to achieve success globally.

Examples of achievements include:

  1. Obtaining a scholarship at Harvard University (USA)
  2. Leading the youth parliament (UK)
  3. From drug dealer to international commodities trader (UK)
  4. Securing a position within government (Zimbabwe)
  5. Securing a major recording deal (Nigeria)
  6. Leaving prison and obtaining a Bachelors degree (UK)

All this plus many more who have gone on to pursue higher education, employment and self-employment as a result of engaging in a programme, course or workshop provided by Urban Voice UK.

More Info

For more info on or to take part in our forthcoming programmes such as PROJECT your TALENT where you can tap into a consortium of companies, resources and support including personal development, mentoring, consultancy, funding, investment and loans sign up to our email list by entering your Name, Email and Mobile on the right.